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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Star Wars 75331 UCS Razor Crest | October 2022

The next LEGO UCS set will be 75331 UCS Razor Crest and now thanks to the always reliable we have further information about the set. The Ultimate Collector Series version of Mando's ship, the Razor Crest, will be available from 3rd October 2022 for VIPs whilst everyone else will be able to purchase the set from 8th October 2022. A GWP to run alongside the set is currently unconfirmed so there's no tactical time to purchase the set.

75331 will have 6187 pieces, making it the biggest LEGO Star Wars set for 2022 and the most expensive as the recent price increases now mean it'll retail for $599.99. However, included in this $600 price tag is a ridiculously small amount of Minifigures of only four. All of these Minifigures are based on the first ever episode of The Mandalorian just like the rest of the set.

Of these four Minifigures that are rumoured to be in 75331, The Mandalorian himself of Din Djarin is obviously included but this time with his Durasteel armour. This is very similar to the one featured in the Playscale Razor Crest but this version will actually be exclusive as it includes arm printing. Grogu is then also included in his white cradle along with a transparent brick to make it float.

The other two Minifigures meanwhile have already been leaked of Kuill and Mythrol. Kuill has a brand new piece to help make his Ugnaught face along with exclusive, yet not massively detailed prints on his torso. He also has a backpack and will be riding a brick-built Blurrg. Mythrol has a brand new printed blue face and should also include some other new prints to make his character more distinct.

For the actual build of the set, the Razor Crest will measure around 60cm long, 40cm wide and 30cm high at a 1:40 scale. All of this will be Minifigure scale with the cockpit being around eight to ten studs wide. The ship will also have a very detailed interior elsewhere that will likely include the bunk, the gun cabinet and the space toilet. They'll also be two prisoners frozen in carbonite and just two plain carbonite blocks.

In contrast to many LEGO Star Wars UCS sets, 75331 will most likely not include a black base and instead, the Razor Crest will use its own moveable landing feet to stand up. However, the usual small black display stand for the four Minifigures and the collector's plaque are still included.

Thanks to the information from it's likely the set will be revealed within the next week or two so keep an eye out on for the official reveal.

Set Information

Set Name - UCS Razor Crest

Set Number - 75331

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 6187

Price - $599.99

Release Date - 3rd October 2022

What do you think of 75331 UCS Razor Crest?

  • Easily a day one purchase - I love Mando and baby Yoda

  • Ummmm not sure - maybe I'll get it on discount but who knows

  • No way that price is too much


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