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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO DC 1992 Batcave D2C | June 2023

It's only a couple weeks now until we get official pictures of one of the best LEGO DC sets ever: the rumoured 18+ Batacve D2C. The first rumours of this set appeared a few months ago but it's now been confirmed 76252 will be an 18+ Batcave for the LEGO DC film. And thanks to a recent leak and confirmation from Brick Clicker on Instagram we now know the set will be based on the 1992 film Batman Returns.

76252 will be a full Batcave for a high price of $449.99 rather than previous smaller builds, and it'll be fully enclosed by a cave build. It's basically a huge brick-built box with a bat symbol at the centre revealing the inner details of the 18+ Batcave. However, there are other ways of getting inside the interior of the Batcave as the box can open up with inge connections allowing the inside to be fully accessible with all its play features.

Inside the Batcave, they'll be many different areas and functions including a place to store the different bat suits that are included in the $450 set. There's also a place to store a Batmobile and a Batwing which are both included in this D2C set making up that high piece count of 3,981 pieces.

But the fun doesn't stop there as the set will include a wide range of Minifigures totalling to seven. These include the previous leaked 1992 versions of the Penguin and Batman himself along with another version of Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Alfred and Max Shreck. This makes for a great set that may finally give the LEGO DC fans what they deserve after waiting so long for a good LEGO set.

Set Information

Set Name - 1992 Batcave D2C

Set Number - 76252

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 3,981

Price - $449.99

Release Date - 5th June 2023


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