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Read the latest LEGO news about a range of different sets from themes like Star Wars, Marvel, City, Minecraft and more. Be the first to hear about the latest rumours and leaks on different Minifigures, builds, promotions and more. 

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I have been a huge LEGO fan for most of my life and have collected many sets through the years. But one of the most annoying things to me was when a LEGO set retired or a brand new set came out and you didn't know about it. It would be so frustrating to see a great LEGO set come out and for you to not get your hands on it.


So I started Bricks Up to let people know about new sets and themes and hear the latest information about all things LEGO. With Bricks Up, I really wanted to be able to connect with other LEGO fans just like me and hear their opinion on the past, present and future on all things LEGO.


With our Calendar feature, you can quickly find out when LEGO sets are released and then add them to your own personal calendar. With some sets, you can find out when they release over a month or two before their scheduled date.


If you want more information about Bricks Up or would like to give us feedback, feel free to get in touch using our email and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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