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Stud Universe: Is the Rental LEGO Service the Next Big Thing?

Over the last few weeks we've not only been delivering the latest LEGO news, but also been participating in plenty of brick building. This is thanks to the UK-based LEGO rental subscription service who very kindly allowed us to try out their subscription service and rent an official LEGO set for a short period of time.

We introduced you to Stud Universe a few weeks ago but since then we've been able to put their subscription service to the test: choosing a set, building a set and then returning it in a very simple and cost-effective process. After thoroughly testing the service, we at Bricks Up are excited to share our comprehensive review of the online service allowing both kids and adults to further indulge in their passion for LEGO.

Why Choose Stud Universe?

Stud Universe offers a refreshing approach to renting official LEGO sets, designed with affordability and convenience at its core. Here’s why Stud Universe stands out in a very competitive brick-building world:

  1. Cost-Effective Rental Sets: With LEGO prices steadily climbing in recent years, Stud Universe presents an affordable alternative. Instead of paying the hefty retail price, you can rent sets at a fraction of the cost. For example, the LEGO brand new Despicable Me 4 model of 75583 Minions and Gru's Family House, which retails at £89.99, can be rented for just £20 a month!

  2. Wide Range of Sets: Stud Universe boasts a diverse catalogue of over 100 sets spanning various themes, including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Technic, and more. They even offer the latest releases, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to build. If you have any suggestions for new sets they could add then just email them and they'll work their magic.

  3. Flexible Subscription Model: Unlike many rental services that lock you into long-term commitments, Stud Universe ties each subscription to the specific set (or sets) you rent. This means you can enjoy your LEGO sets for as long as you want and easily cancel your subscription once you’re done. Once again another tick in the convenience category.

  4. No Tier System: Every LEGO set is available from day one with Stud Universe, with no probation period or tier restrictions. This inclusive approach ensures that you have access to all sets without needing to prove your trustworthiness to the successful online service.

The Rental Process: Simple and Efficient

Having actually tested the rental process, Stud Universe has streamlined the process into three very simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Sets: Browse the extensive catalogue and select the sets that catch your eye. Each set's rental price and details are clearly listed, making it easy to make your choice. We chose the LEGO Ideas model 21325 Medieval Blacksmith which only costs £30 a month to rent.

  2. Receive Your LEGO Sets: Expect your chosen sets to arrive within 2 working days. You’ll receive an email confirmation with tracking details and instructions for returns. Our set arrived almost as soon as we ordered it which was great for eager AFOLs like ourselves!

  3. Build, Play, and Return: Enjoy building and playing with your sets at your own pace. When you’re done, return them using the provided free returns label. The process is hassle-free and convenient. Once again, this process was extremely easy and convenient with the Stud Universe website having extra information regarding its returns policy to ensure it's all hassle-free.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Free Postage Over £20: Orders over £20 come with free postage, which includes popular sets like 10302 Optimus Prime and 75257 Millennium Falcon. Even our own set of 21325 Medieval Blacksmith came with free postage making the rental process even more cost effective.

  2. 30 Days of Play Guarantee: Your 30 days of playtime only begins once the set arrives at your doorstep, ensuring you get the most out of your rental period - and trust me you want to take advantage of it at such a good price!

  3. Categorized and Tagged Sets: Sets are categorized and tagged for easy selection, including tags for solo building, beginner-friendly sets, and travel-friendly options. We wanted a challenging model so all we had to do was filter the collection of exciting LEGO models to 18+ and find the right set for us.

  4. Printed and Digital Instructions: Each set comes with printed instructions if available, and digital instructions are easily accessible online. Some sets even interact with the LEGO Builder app, perfect for collaborative builds.

The Bricks Up Verdict

Having tried out Stud Universe ourselves, we were thoroughly impressed by the service's user-friendly nature and the value it offers. The flexible subscription model, combined with the extensive range of sets and the 30 Days of Play guarantee, makes Stud Universe an ideal choice for LEGO enthusiasts looking to enjoy their hobby without the financial strain of purchasing new sets.

Our set of 21325 Medieval Blacksmith previously cost £159.99 but has since been retired. The only possibility of getting the set is through second-hand websites such as eBay where users will be charging much higher prices for sets poorly treated. At Stud Universe its the complete opposite - you get a great LEGO set at an extremely reasonable price packaged safely away in plastic bags which is then further stored in a Stud Universe branded box.

Of course, renting LEGO isn't for everyone. We all like having our own sets and building them fresh out of the box and then displaying them proudly around the house. This tradition will never change but Stud Universe allow a more cost-friendly alternative. It's also great for group or family activities where by you can all build together on either the same set or separate sets at a much more affordable rate.

The only real hassle of the process is the waiting game of ordering your set and hoping it arrives on time and in a safe manner. And similar feelings about the returns process but once again, advice and guidance is clear on the Stud Universe website. But, in an ideal world, we'd all love LEGO to magically appear at our doorstep and then float away when, and if, we are finally done building and playing.

Either way, whether you're a seasoned builder or a novice, Stud Universe provides an excellent way to explore various LEGO themes and sets without the commitment of ownership. The service is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy building and displaying LEGO sets temporarily at an incredible price compared to those on LEGO shop@home.

So, if you're ready to embark on your next LEGO adventure, give Stud Universe a try. Browse their extensive range of sets, suggest new ones, and start building at an unbeatable price!

Website: Stud Universe

Browse the Set Range: Stud Universe Shop

So that's everything in our big review of the latest LEGO rental service Stud Universe but what do you think? Will you be renting LEGO from the UK’s best-value LEGO lending service? What sets are you looking forward to borrowing most? Any new sets that should be added to the service? Any other suggestions for improvements? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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