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New LEGO Gaming Theme Rumoured For August 2023 | 76990 LEGO Lemon

2023 just seems to be getting better and better for LEGO fans as a brand new theme will be coming next year based on Videogames. A set listing has listed the set 76990 under the LEGO theme 'Lemon' which is being used as a code name for a brand new theme. This is similar to 'Coconut' for LEGO Avatar and 'Leaf' for LEGO Super Mario.

The site,, describes the theme as being gaming-related hinting at the long-awaited LEGO Gaming theme which was meant to appear last year. Instead, we only got one set of 76989 Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck. This was very popular with many adult gamers and LEGO seems interested in expanding further into this market with a brand new theme.

But what could this theme actually be? Many have speculated Zelda since LEGO already have a relatively good partnership with Nintendo through LEGO Super Mario. But many also believe it could just be a generic LEGO Gaming theme based on a bunch of different games for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This could be our only way of getting LEGO Mario Minifigures...

Set Information

Set Name - *LEGO Lemon*

Set Number - 76990

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 292

Price - TBC

Release Date - 1st August 2023


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