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LEGO Technic 42174 Water Vehicle Rumoured For August 2024

The LEGO Technic theme releases an abundance of vehicles every single year but not many of them are tailored to be either on or underwater. Luckily, along with a range of supercars, trucks and another space-themed vehicle, a brand new water-themed vehicle is also releasing on the 1st of August 2024 under the set number 42174. The 18+ model will include a total of 962 pieces for a heavy retail price of $119.99.

Current information is limited about 42174 apart from it being some form of 'water vehicle' such as a boat and other aquatic methods of transportation. Since the introduction of the LEGO Technic theme in 1977, there have been fewer than 20 boat-themed models so the LEGO Technic designers won't be short of ideas.

Boats, hovercrafts and seaplanes have all appeared in this advanced brick-built form before and it wouldn't be a surprise to get them once again. LEGO may even include some other form of play feature in the Summer 2024 model such as the pullback line of sets, some form of LEGO control feature or a light setup due to fairly high price of $120 for only 962 pieces.

42174 *TBC Water Vehicle*

Set Name - *TBC Water Vehicle*

Set Number - 42174

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 962

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st August 2024

42174 *TBC Water Vehicle* releases on the 1st of August 2024 but what do you think? Will you be purchasing 42174 in a few weeks time? What do you hope this mysterious Water Vehicle is? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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