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LEGO Star Wars May 4th Promo 40591 Mini Death Star Rumoured For April/May 2023

With May becoming ever closer, LEGO will again celebrate Star Wars day by releasing a range of sets that have already been rumoured for a few months. Along with these sets, including more LEGO Star Wars 18+ Diorama sets, they'll be the yearly May 4th LEGO Star Wars set. This will once again be a promotional set releasing around the end of April and the start of May.

And thanks to FluffySky6 on Reddit, we know that this year's LEGO Star Wars May 4th Promo will be 40591 Mini Death Star. As the name suggests, the 289 pieces included in the set will be used to make a mini brick-built version of the Death Star. This will most likely be another 18+ promo so it may feature a small black stand for the Death Star to sit on but will not include Minifigures like last year's exceptional promo.

Set Information

Set Name - Mini Death Star

Set Number - 40591

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 289

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - April/May 2023


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