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LEGO Star Wars 75374 Onyx Cinder Rumoured For August 2024

When Jude Law was announced to be a Jedi in an upcoming Star Wars series, a lot of hype and excitement was immediately created for the series. This series in particular is known as Skeleton Crew which is set in the same period as the popular Mandalorian and Ahsoka series. The show is rumoured to be about "four kids who find themselves lost in the vastness of the galaxy trying to find their way home...” but specific information is unknown.

The Disney+ series is still scheduled to release in 2024 with many sources suggesting a November or December release. This is much later than planned with suggestions that the series could air as early as December 2023 but this obviously didn't come to fruition. Still, LEGO has at least one set lined up to launch alongside the release of the series with this being the previously rumoured 75374 Onyx Cinder.

Onyx Cinder is a brand new spaceship for the Star Wars universe and looks to be the main one in the Skeleton Crew series. In LEGO form it'll be a fair size with 1,325 pieces included for a retail price of $139.99. This suggests a fully detailed interior such as a cockpit and an engine room along with plenty of moveable parts to assist with the landing of the new brick-built spaceship.

For $140 we're also expecting a few Minifigures which will all be exclusive and based on brand new characters. These Minifigures could include Jude Law's mysterious Jedi and the four kids that we previously mentioned in the article. Could we also see a new droid or even some returning characters? We'll have to wait and see as 75374 Onyx Cinder reportedly releases on the 1st of August 2024.

75374 Onyx Cinder

Set Name - Onyx Cinder

Set Number - 75374

Age Range - 10+

Piece Count - 1,325

Price - $139.99 / €139.99 / £TBC

Release Date - 1st August 2024

75374 Onyx Cinder releases on the 1st of August 2024 (if it doesn't get delayed again) but what do you think? Will you be purchasing 75374 in just a couple of months time? Are you looking forward to the brand-new Skeleton Crew series? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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