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LEGO Star Wars 75367 UCS Venator Star Destroyer Rumoured For October 2023

Another day and another LEGO Star Wars rumour with this being further rumours about the final LEGO Star Wars D2C set of 2023. In particular, this is the previously rumoured 18+ retail exclusive of 75367 which, thanks to, is a UCS Ventor Star Destroyer. It was just December 2022 that 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer retired from shelves but this new 18+ UCS variant will soon release in September to take up that gap in the shelves.

75367 will include 5,374 pieces and retail for $649.99 as previously rumoured which means it'll have 700 more pieces than the imperial version for $50 less. It's likely even with these changes in price and piece counts that both sets will be of the same scale and similar size.

The UCS Venator Star Destroyer even with its high piece count and even larger price, only includes two Minifigures. These are Admiral Yularen at a young age with brown hair, and Captain/Commander Rex with a new face print that also includes the band-aid on the side of his head shows applied after Rex's inhibitor chip was removed. Both of these will sit on the usual UCS black stand beneath the UCS Venator Star Destroyer.

Set Information

Set Name - UCS Venator Star Destroyer

Set Number - 75367

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 5,374

Price - $649.99

Release Date - 1st October 2023


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