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LEGO Star Wars 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship Officially Revealed | September 2023

The last of the new LEGO Star Wars sets releasing on September 1st 2023 has been officially revealed with it being the long-rumoured and highly anticipated Gunship. The Republic Gunship, named Coruscant Guard Gunship, comes under the set number 75354 and is a brand new playable Republic Gunship coming after more than 10 years since the last playable one.

As the name suggests, the set is based on the ship's appearance on the planet of Coruscant which has appeared in recent Star Wars shows such as The Mandalorian. This makes a Coruscant Guard Red and White Gunship, measuring over 15cm) high, 37cm long and 41cm wide. Unlike its predecessors, the Gunship has neither ball guns on the sides nor on the wings.

Instead, for 1,083 pieces, there is a large door on each side of the ship with which the entire interior can be closed and studshooters are used on the wings as weapons. This also means the interior is Minifigure friendly allowing for all five Minifigures included in the set to fit inside. These five Minifigures

For a total of 1,083 pieces and a retail price of $139.99, the Gunship will include lockable doors, shooting mechanisms and a Minifigure-friendly interior. In particular, the Minifigures are Chancellor Palpatine in a red robe with a skirt, Clone Commander Fox also in red and two of his Coruscant Shock Troopers. Finally, Padme Amidala is also included in an exclusive variant for the hefty price point of $139.99.

Set Information

Set Name - Coruscant Guard Gunship

Set Number - 75354

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 1,083

Price - $139.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023


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