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LEGO Star Wars 75324 Dark Trooper Attack Officially Revealed | March 2022

The next LEGO Star Wars set has finally been revealed with the highly anticipated 75324 Dark Trooper Attack. The set is based on the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian with Minifigures of Luke Skywalker and three Dark Troopers included.

The main build is a vignette of the hallway where the titanic battle takes place with play functions including a spinning turntable for Luke to use his lightsabers and a slider to use the force against the Dark Troopers. There's also a rotating function for the elevator where Luke enters the battle from.

Set Information

Set Name - Dark Trooper Attack

Set Number - 75324

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 166

Price - $29.99

Release Date - 1st March 2022


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