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LEGO Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT Officially Revealed For Black Friday 2021

The latest and biggest LEGO Star Wars UCS set has been officially revealed after many leaks appeared last week. 75313 AT-AT has been rumoured for quite a while but it has not disappointed with its details and massive size. A promo will be coming with this set when it releases on Black Friday, 26th November 2021, for $799.99.

The fifth-largest LEGO set of all time with its 6785 piece count should probably be even higher on the list with how big it looks. The AT-AT model is 69cm long and 62cm tall with the legs being so tall that a LEGO screwdriver has to be used to help readjust the legs. The use of technic pieces allows it to be very sturdy and stand tall just like in the films.

The legs of the giant AT-AT aren't the only things that can move. Panels on the side of the AT-AT can be lifted off to reveal an extremely detailed interior that is fully Minifigure scale. To prove that it's fully Minifigure scale, there are 40 seats in total for Minifigures to sit on along with some extra standing room.

The interior is spread across two floors with the seats taking up most of the sections but there's also an engine room, a Speed Biker room and a weapons room. Two Speed Bikers are included to place in said room along with an E-Web blaster and many more blasters for the Snow Troopers. There's even a small cockpit in the head of the AT-AT which has space for 3 Minifigures along with controls and computers.

As with all UCS sets, there's an information plaque that looks tiny compared to the AT-AT model. There's also a total of nine Minifigures so you might need to add a few more Snow Troopers to fill the 40 seats. But jokes aside, these nine Minifigures are General Veers, Luke Skywalker, Snow Trooper Commander, four Snow Troopers and two AT-AT Drivers.

Set Information

Set Name - UCS AT-AT

Set Number - 75313

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 6785

Price - $799.99

Release Date - 26th November 2021(Black Friday)


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