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LEGO Speed Champions 76915 Pagani Utopia Rumoured For March 2023

One of the few unlicensed successful LEGO themes is expanding further as we now have more information about one of the five sets releasing for the LEGO Speed Champions theme. This is a single car of 76915 Pagani Utopia retailing for the now normal price of $24.99. Along with three other sets (76917 is releasing on 1st January 2023), 76915 will release on 1st March 2023.

The build of the car itself has little information but, like with all sets releasing next year, they'll carry on being eight studs wide. It'll also most likely just include one generic Minifigure in a Pagani-style uniform. But as this is the first Pagani LEGO Speed Champions set ever, it'll be interesting to see how the Minfigure's outfit is designed and of course, the car itself which is most likely going to be white.

Set Information

Set Name - Pagani Utopia

Set Number - 76915

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 249

Price - $24.99

Release Date - 1st March 2023

Featured image:

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