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LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog 30676 Kiki's Coconut Attack Polybag Rumoured For 2024

Two brand new play sets, a LEGO Brickheadz double pack and now a Polybag are all rumoured for the LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog theme in 2024. The latter of these sets, the polybag, is what we're focused on today as thanks to we know now that 30676 will be named Kiki's Coconut Attack.

The Polybag is the first one for the LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog theme which was only introduced a couple of months ago on 1st August 2023. But on 1st January 2024 three more sets from the theme (including that LEGO Brickheadz set) will release and at some point in the first half of the year so will this Polybag. The exact release date will most likely remain a mystery for some time but it will be valued at $4.99 unless it becomes a Gift With Purchase.

As the name suggests, the LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Polybag will include the enemy Kiki for the first time in brick-built form. Kiki is an orange monkey-based Badnik that debuted in Sonic Adventure and has appeared in many games since. The character is fairly obscure but this means it'll be great to see it transformed into LEGO along with the small side build that will most likely involve coconuts.

30676 Kiki's Coconut Attack

Set Name - Kiki's Coconut Attack

Set Number - 30676

Age Range - 6+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 2024


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