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LEGO NINJAGO 71808 Kai's Fire Mech Rumoured For January 2024

We've already covered the rumours of four LEGO NINJAGO brick-built mechs releasing on 1st January 2024 but we now have rumours of a fifth. Luckily this is the final LEGO NINJAGO mech with a 1st January 2024 release and the biggest. In particular, this is 71808 Kai's Fire Mech which includes 322 pieces retailing for $29.99.

Obviously, the main build of the $30 set is Kai's Fire Mech which is slightly larger than the other mechs in this wave. There's also a small side build of a villain mech, including some new ice and lightning pieces. The set is then rounded with a great selection of Minifigures which include Kai, Zane, a new character called Jordan (or Jordana) with a fur neck attachment and a hooded Wolf Warrior.

71808 Kai's Fire Mech

Set Name - Kai's Fire Mech

Set Number - 71808

Age Range - 6+

Piece Count - 322

Price - $29.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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