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LEGO Minifigures 71047 Dungeons & Dragons Series Rumoured For September 2024

One LEGO Minifigures series for 2024 is already available, another leaked late last year and the third and final one has been a big mystery. But thanks to Instagram user maxbautde and Reddit user Clay_Bricks we now know 12 brand new collectible Minifigures will be releasing on 1st September 2024 based on the fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons.

The game, which is owned by Hasbro, celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2024 and looks set to partner with LEGO to celebrate this occasion. But not just once as we previously thought with the LEGO Ideas model of 21348 Dungeons & Dragons, but twice with the CMF series of 71047 Dungeons & Dragons Series. The LEGO Ideas 18+ set releases in just a few weeks time on 1st April 2024 while the CMF series is a couple of months later.

The Minifigures series will be the first and only series of 2024 to be based on a license as both 71045 and 71046 have been unlicensed, numbered series. However, 71047 still includes 12 unique collectable LEGO Minifigures, each in the recent cardboard packaging.

There are a couple of D&D monsters, non-playable named characters and generic classes and races, from a dwarf and sorcerer to The Lady of Pain and Tasha the Witch Queen. The series has it all once it releases on the 1st of September 2024 for the usual CMF series price of $4.99.

List of Minifigures

  1. Female Dwarf Barbarian - Possibly a new moulded axe, a torch and a bearded alternative facial expression.

  2. Githyanki Warlock - Possibly comes with a new hairpiece, eye staff and new mould for a knife.

  3. Tiefling Sorcerer - Comes with a Red baby dragon along with a new moulded hair piece with horns and some translucent pink claws.

  4. Dragonborn Paladin - Shield, mace, LEGO VIDIYO dragon head and a new mould for the figures armour and the head of the mace.

  5. Halfing Druid - Fancy cape, bird, staff and a new mould for the antlered hood.

  6. Aarakocra Ranger - Bow, small dog, faun legs and a new mould for both its head and wings.

  7. Mindflayer - Comes with the intellect devourer along with a new mould of its head and the devourer.

  8. Strahd Von Zarovich - Sword, goblet, rat and cape.

  9. Halfling bard - Scarf, printed lute, sword and a new hair mould.

  10. The Lady of Pain - Printed cube, fancy cape and a new moulded hairpiece.

  11. Szass Tam - Translucent red skull, energy blast and a dark red coloured cape.

  12. Tasha the Witch Queen - Book, cauldron, uses Hocus Pocus witch hair and hat combination.

71047 Dungeons & Dragons Series

Set Name - Dungeons & Dragons Series

Set Number - 71047

Age Range - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st September 2024

Another three LEGO Minifigures are fully confirmed for 2024 including a brand new license of Dungeons and Dragons but what do you think? Are any characters missing in the 12 selected? Is this your favourite CMF series of 2024? Let us know in the comments below.


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