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LEGO Minifigures 71046 Space Series Minifigure Lineup Rumoured For May 2024

After the reveal of 71045 Series 25 just over a week ago for January 2024, we have more information about the next LEGO Minifigure series. In particular, this next series will be entitled 'Space', coming under the set number 71046 with a 1st May 2024 release date. Just like the last two CMF series of 71039 Marvel Studios Series 2 and Series 25, this series will also sadly be in cardboard boxes.

It's been speculated for a whole what the name 'Space' for a CMF series could indicate but the case seems to have been cracked. This is because the Instagram user childish_landino_chronicles has given the list of all 12 unique Minifigures releasing in 71046 Space Series on 1st May 2024.

As previously discussed across the internet and here at Bricks Up, the series looks to be a range of colourful classic Spacemen or Space-themed Minifigures from past LEGO Space themes along with a mix of new ones. This looks to coincide with LEGO's recent push for Space in 2024 with plenty of branding on a range of boxes in many different themes.

A ton of references to LEGO Classic Space, including a Classic Space robot, a retro Spacewoman, an M-Tron redux, an Ice Planet redux accompanied by a Space Penguin, and a mutated Blacktron are included in the series. Alongside these are more modern figures such as an alien in a UFO costume, a grey alien tourist, an alien insectoid, a modern astronaut character, an Orion Minifigure and a Space Nurse.

List of Minifigures

  1. Robot human suit for tiny aliens

  2. Classic Space Robot

  3. Retro Spacewoamn (female version of Series 17 space Minifigure)

  4. M-Tron Redux

  5. Alien in a UFO costume

  6. Grey Alien Tourist

  7. Alien Insectoid

  8. Modern Astronaut

  9. Ice Planet Redux with Space Penguin

  10. Mutated BlackTron

  11. Orian with translucent parts

  12. Space Nurse with Pink Space Baby

71046 Space Series

Set Name - Space Series

Set Number - 71046

Age Range - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st May 2024


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