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LEGO Minifigures 71034 Series 23 Officially Revealed | September 2022

After numerous accidental leaks and reveals, the next LEGO Minifigures series has been officially revealed with it being 71034 Series 23. The series once again contains 12 unique new Minifigures and will not be affected by the upcoming price increase so will instead retail for the usual $4.99. Series 23 will be celebrating LEGO's 90th Anniversary with all the Minifigures in costumes from Turkeys to Knights to Snowmans.

List of Minifigures

Wolf Costume - A man dressed as a wolf with dual moulded legs for a blue outfit which is printed over the usual grey fur. The classic wolf tail is included along with an accessory of a brown sack.

Popcorn costume - A young boy with mid legs in a new Popcorn Cup piece that goes over his head and torso.

Knight of the Yellow Castle - A female Minifigure dressed as a grey knight with a gold visor and a new white hobby horse piece with a red handle. She also comes with a printed shield and a printed chest plate with a pink and gold logo with a crown in the middle. Mid legs are also included for this Minifigure.

Sugar Fairy - This is a young girl in a magical costume with a white crown, translucent pink wings and a skirt. Her accessory will be a candy cane piece. Her hair is blonde which nicely matches the pink and white of the rest of her outfit.

Holiday Elf - A young girl dressed as an elf with a brand new hair/hat combo of ginger pigtails with a green elf hat and yellow elf ears. She comes with a cool build for a snow globe which includes a small gingerbread house.

Reindeer Costume - A female Minifigure dressed in a reindeer costume with a white fur bell and a printed bell on the torso. She also comes with a blue gift box and a printed heart tile of a heart-shaped cookie.

Snowman - A Minifigure dressed as a snowman with a new head mould for the snowman that includes a black hat and an orange carrot nose. He also comes with a red scarf piece around his neck and a plain brown broomstick.

Nutcracker - A man in a red nutcracker costume with a new hat/hair combo of a big black soldier's hat and some white goofy hair. His torso is extremely detailed with it mainly being red but with a couple of hints of gold. His sword is also gold and he comes with white and black printed dual moulded legs.

Cardboard Robot - A woman in a blue robot costume which is made to look like it's been handmade out of cardboard. A brand new blocky piece is used to go round her head with it including studs on the side. Her accessories as some scissors and a printed 2x2 tile of a small information plaque as if it's a toy.

Turkey Costume- A man in a turkey costume with a new headpiece in red and blue and a large tailpiece in brown for the turkey. His legs are dual moulded in brown and red and he includes the pumpkin piece as an accessory.

Green Dragon - A female Minifigure dressed in the usual dragon costume with the headpiece and wings pieces included. All of this will be a dark green and no other accessories are included.

Ferry Captain - A man dressed as a captain with the usual captain's hat but with a new ferry ship mould attached between his torso and legs. This is white and black which matches well with his dark blue legs and torso. His face is of more of an elderly man with a white beard and moustache.

The Packaging & Checklist

Series 23 has no out-of-the-ordinary packaging but does spice it up a little. This series' packing is orange with outlines of party decorations rather than question marks in the background. The usual red circle of series 23 is there, along with many of the Minifigures featured in the series. The checklist is also likely to continue this orange and celebratory style that's very neat and is a nice throwback to past LEGO sets designed in orange.

General Series Information

Set Name - Series 23

Set Number - 71034

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st September 2022


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