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LEGO Minecraft 21254 The Turtle Beach House Officially Revealed | January 2024

Animal-based houses and buildings in the LEGO Minecraft theme has been a welcome addition to recent waves over the past couple of years. And 2024s January 2024 wave is no different with 21254 The Turtle Beach House releasing on the 1st January 2024. The Turtle mob-based brick-built model includes a total of 234 pieces retailing for $26.99.

The Turtle Beach House is the main build of the set with different shades of green used to create the turtle shell. A small brick-built head for the turtle is attached here where a furnace and a crafting table are also located on the inside. The rest of the interior of the house includes a lantern, a pink bed and a rich wood door.

Unsurprisingly, a total of four turtle mobs are included in 21254. Three are baby turtles and the other is an adult turtle but it looks like the family will be expanding further as a turtle egg is also included. The set is finally rounded off with two Minifigures of a Turtle Skin Warrior in a turtle skin and helmet and a classic Drowned with a trident

21254 The Turtle Beach House

Set Name - The Turtle Beach House

Set Number - 21254

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 234

Price - $26.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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