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LEGO Marvel 76284 Green Goblin Construction Figure Rumoured For April 2024

The LEGO Marvel Construction Figures have been another interesting addition to the LEGO Super Heroes theme, to say the least. The line of brick-built superhero and supervillain figures will be continuing into 2024 with two brand new sets of 76284 Green Goblin Construction Figure and 76298 Iron Spider-Man Construction Figure. The former of these we'll be covering in today's article but you can read more about 76298 here.

76284 Green Goblin Construction Figure is the more expensive of the two LEGO Marvel Construction Figures releasing on the 1st of April 2024. It will retail for $34.99 compared to 76298 Iron Spider-Man Construction Figure which has a rumoured price of $29.99. The main reason for this will most likely be 76284 including over 100 pieces more than 76298 at a piece count of 471.

For a piece count totalling almost 500, we expect plenty of smaller pieces to be used to create a very detailed figure using the colours green and purple. The blend of the two colours and recreating Green Goblin's muscular look are the most credible reasons as to why 76284 has a larger piece count and retail price. Another reason could be the possible inclusion of his glider which could easily require around 80 pieces.

76284 Green Goblin Construction Figure

Set Name - Green Goblin Construction Figure

Set Number - 76284

Age Range - 8+

Piece Count - 471

Price - $34.99

Release Date - 1st April 2024


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