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LEGO Marvel 76209 Thor's Hammer Officially Revealed | March 2022

LEGO DC fans look away now as 76209 has been officially revealed by LEGO but it is no longer the rumoured Tower of Fate. Instead, 76209 is a giant brick-built version of Thor's Hammer which was rumoured for this year too. In particular, it will be available from 1st March 2022 for $99.99 with a total of 979 pieces.

As already mentioned, the set is mainly an 18+ brick-built version of Thor's Hammer, Mjölnir, making it very similar to last years 76191 Infinity Gauntlet. The hammer is very realistic with the shaping of the grey hammer itself and its long wooden handle. This is sitting on a stand, which is one of the most creative stands for an 18+ set, of a large pile of rubble with little blue gems.

An information plater can then be easily attached to this stand making it another LEGO Marvel display set. However, a Minifigure of Thor with a new torso and a Minifigure scale version is included along with a small fairly plate for small scale models of the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract and Odin's Fire. These can then all be hidden on their small plate in the giant hammer itself.

Set Information

Set Name - Thor's Hammer

Set Number - 76209

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 979

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st March 2022


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