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LEGO Indiana Jones Theme Rumoured to Return in 2023 | 77012, 77013, 77014, 77015 + More

After months of speculation, it's now been rumoured by that LEGO Indiana Jones will be returning in 2023. The theme will expand across all four films and the upcoming fifth film. The sets 77012, 77013, 77014 and 77015 will all be based on the previous films and release in early 2023 whilst 77016, 77017, 77018 and 77019 will release in Summer 2023 to coincide with the fifth film.

The theme internally known as LEGO Pineapple, will initially only start with these eight sets but is likely to expand further in 2024 with more sets based on previous films. The main character Indiana Jones will even get an update for the new theme. He'll have his usual shoulder bag and rolled-up whip but will come with a dual-moulded hat with hair. The hat band is a darker shade of brown compared to the rest of the piece.

77012 Fighter Plane Chase

The smallest set known so far for the reboot of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme is based on the chase scene from the third film. Our two heroes are in the stolen Citroen convertible which is eight studs wide. The Pilatus P-2 is also included in a revised form with stud shooters attached to both wings. An open jacket and tie Indiana Jones is included along with Henry Jones and a sighter pilot.

Set Name - Fighter Plane Chase

Set Number - 77012

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 387

Price - $34.99

Release Date - 2023

77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb

The set is based on the scene from the first Indiana Jones film with it being around 24 studs wide. Compared to the 2008 version of this set, it's very similar but with a more sophisticated back wall that uses different pieces and no large-scale stickers. However, some stickers are still used for different hieroglyphs.

There are also two detailed large statues of Anubis and a golden arch in the centre of the set. Underneath this is the Ark of the Covenant. There are also four Minifigures included of Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah and a mummy.

Set Name - Escape from the Lost Tomb

Set Number - 77013

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 600

Price - $39.99

Release Date - 2023

77014 The Temple of Doom

The new set looks a lot better than its predecessor with the centre of the temple containing various pieces of lava on a raised grey pedestal. In the background of the pedestal is a large statue of Kali and the skull atar in which three Sankara stones can be placed. A trapdoor can be opened in the middle of the set.

The outside of the temple includes a small path leading to a grey rollercoaster track. This includes two minecarts that can ride on the rails along with a water tower that can be knocked onto the rails. Minifigures include Indiana Jones with his shirt open, Willie Scott, Short Rounder, Mola Ram, the Maharajah and a Thugee guard.

Set Name - The Temple of Doom

Set Number - 77014

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 801

Price - $79.99

Release Date - 2023

77015 *LEGO Indiana Jones 4*

Set Name - *LEGO Indiana Jones 4*

Set Number - 77015

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $149.99

Release Date - 2023


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