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LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 The Temple Escape Diorama Rumoured For April 2023

The return of the LEGO Indiana Jones has excited many fans, with us now having more information about one of the four sets releasing in April. This is the biggest of the four of 77015 The Temple Escape Diorama based on the first ever Indiana Jones film of the Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, reports have suggested this could also be based on another film or scene but we'll confirm this soon.

But currently, it's known the 18+ set will be based on the Temple Escape scene with this being portrayed in a diorama form similar to LEGO Star Wars. It'll be on a black base hopefully with the LEGO Indiana Jones logo and an iconic quote. The temple will include four Minifigures including the brand-new LEGO Indiana Jones Minifigure for a retail price of $169.99.

Set Information

Set Name - The Temple Escape Diorama

Set Number - 77015

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - 1,545

Price - $169.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023


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