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LEGO Ideas 21347 Red London Telephone Box Rumoured For February 2024

We've just seen the release of a brand new LEGO Ideas set of 21345 Polaroid OneStep 5X-70 Camera but another two will be releasing in less than a months time. One of these we've already covered of 21346 Your Family Tree but the other has only appeared in recent rumours. In particular, maxbautde is reporting that 21347 Red London Telephone Box will release on 1st February 2024.

The third LEGO Ideas set of 2024 is the first to be worth over $100 with 21347 retailing for $114.99 with 1,460 pieces. The brick-built iconic Telephone Box located mainly in the city of London will measure 31 cm high. Within the 1,460 pieces included, there is the possibility to build the phone as either a dial telephone or a 90s-inspired telephone.

Inside the beautifully built Red London Telephone Box there's a light brick on the roof which will most likely have some play feature or function. Around the telephone, there's a small section of paved street, a lamp with hanging flowers, a small flower pot and a fence with an iconic street sign from London. These side builds are very similar to those included in the original submission by Bricked1980.

21347 Red London Telephone Box

Set Name - Red London Telephone Box

Set Number - 21347

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 1,460

Price - $114.99

Release Date - 1st February 2024


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