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LEGO Ideas 21346 Family Tree Officially Revealed | February 2024

After the release of 21345 Polaroid OneStep 5X-70 Camera just the other day, we now have an official reveal of the second LEGO Ideas set of 2024. This is 21346 Family Tree which was the winner of the family-themed LEGO Ideas contest that took place with Target in 2022. This is the second competition of its kind with 21343 Viking Village winning the first vote back in 2021 and becoming an official set early last year.

However, compared to 21343 Viking Village, 21346 is a much smaller and niche set, retailing for $79.99 and being centred around family and the unique love that comes with family. A total of 1,040 pieces are included to create a beautiful brick-built tree unique to you and your family. The base of the tree is black but all the colour is in the decorations and branches and leaves which are different shades of red.

The tree can be customised in many different ways with plenty of spare pieces included like a selection of seasonal foliage, a toy plane and a kite, 4 bird boxes, 2 bird figures and a Filipino butterfly. There are also flower elements to place on the grass-colored base, plus lots of other items to customize the idyllic scene, including binoculars, food elements, roller skates and a magnifying glass

Finally, being an 18+ set LEGO have included almost a none LEGO element in the LEGO Ideas model. Different pieces are used to be able to hand physical photos from the tree, further adding an element of customization and making it personal. All this and more is included in the second LEGO Ideas set of 2024 which is available from the 1st of February 2024.

21346 Family Tree

Set Name - Family Tree

Set Number - 21346

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 1,040

Price - $79.99

Release Date - 1st February 2024


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