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LEGO Ideas 21337 Foosball Table Rumoured For November 2022

The LEGO Ideas theme is set to have its biggest and best year yet as another set has been rumoured for this year. 21337 Foosball Table is set to become the seventh LEGO Ideas set of the year with a rumoured release date of 1st November 2022. The set is currently rumoured to retail for $349.99 which, if no price increases affect this price, will be the joint most expensive LEGO Ideas set ever.

This means the brick-built Foosball Table is likely to be a big size replicating sizes of actual small foosball tables. Each team will include 11 Minifigures making a total of 22 Minifigures to be included in the set. It'll also be fully playable so will include at least a couple of football pieces along with many technic pieces to make it fully playable.

Set Information

Set Name - Foosball Table

Set Number - 21337

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $349.99

Release Date - 1st November 2022

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