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LEGO Icons 40586 Moving Truck GWP Leaked Online | 21st February 2023

It's been over a month now since the brand-new LEGO Modular Building of 10312 Jazz Club was released but the GWP to go with this set is almost here. Thanks to the previously rumoured Pizza Delivery Track will now be a Moving Truck under the set number 40586. Even though it has the LEGO Icons branding, it's not that related to the Jazz Club as it will be available with any purchases from $180.

But the set does include small references such as a Jukebox and a Piano which would fit perfectly in the new Jazz Club. These could also fit nicely in last year's Boutique Hotel with other accessories like a painting and a dressing table included with the Moving Truck. This means the Moving Truck is a fair size with plenty of space at the back to store different furniture.

The front of the truck is red with space for at least one Minifigure to drive. But luckily two are included of the female truck driver and a man who seems to be moving in with this furniture. These help to make up the GWP which includes a total of 301 pieces once its available on 21st February 2023 until 3rd March 2023 with any purchases over $180.

Set Information

Set Name - Moving Truck

Set Number - 40586

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 301

Price - GWP with $180

Release Date - 21st February 2023


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