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LEGO Icons 10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System Officially Revealed | May 2024

May 18th looks to be LEGO Space Day as two brand new Space-themed models will be added to the ever-growing list of LEGO Space sets in 2024. Both of these sets of 10341 Artemis One Rocket & Launchpad and 31212 The Milky Way Galaxy were covered here before at Bricks Up but today LEGO have officially unveiled both of the 18+ display models.

The last NASA-themed LEGO Icons model released back in 2021 of 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery so it's nice to see this partnership be rekindled with 2024s 10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System. The Artemis One Rocket is a part of NASAs most recent trips to the moon which, is unsurprising, called the Artemis Program. The project was successfully tested with an unmanned flight back in November 2022 and will now be appearing in brick-built LEGO form in just a few weeks time.

The rocket of the Artemis One mission consists of a heavy launch vehicle and the Orion spacecraft at its top, which is intended to take the astronauts to the moon and back again. These details are replicated in the LEGO version with the main rocket bringing some colour into the 18+ set with plenty of orange and white. The model of the Orion module also include with foldout solar panels, which can be placed inside the rocket or on a separate display stand.

Along with the rocket, we also get the launchpad which is extremely detailed and actually takes up most of the 3,601 pieces included in 10341. This accurate replica depicts real launch systems and includes retractable launch tower umbilicals, rocket support and crew bridge, detachable solid-fuel boosters and separating rocket stages. The grey lattice launchpad means the 18+ model measures 70 cm high and 27 cm wide.

10341 includes 3,601 pieces for a retail price of $259.99 making it the biggest LEGO NASA-themed Space set yet. In fact, the LEGO Icons model is ranked as the 60th largest LEGO set to date and is complete with a small printed information plaque and plenty of NASA-themed stickers and details for both the rocketship and the launchpad.

10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System

Set Name - NASA Artemis Space Launch System

Set Number - 10341

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 3,601

Price - $259.99

Release Date - 18th May 2024

10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System launches on the 18th of May 2024 but LEGO Insiders will be able to access the 18+ model from as early as the 15th! So will you be purchasing 10341 in just a few weeks time? Are you happy to see LEGO NASA-themed sets back in 2024? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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