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LEGO Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square Rumoured For Reveal on 7th February 2024

It's a LEGO set that we've known about for over a year now, but 10332 Medieval Town Square is less than a month away from its release. And thanks to Youtuber Brick Clicker, it's reported that the latest LEGO Icons set will be officially revealed in just a few days time on Wednesday the 7th of February 2024.

Those of you keen LEGO fans will know that this set has been rumoured since last February when a survey online leaked a medieval-like 18+ build for the LEGO Icons theme. And this set of 10332 is that build but includes 104 pieces more than the original leak suggesting a slightly bigger and more detailed build than the original model. 10332 will also retail for a very good price of $229.99 for those 3,304 pieces included.

10332 Medieval Town Square is basically a bigger and more detailed successor to 10193 Medieval Market Village from 2009. LEGO sets have come a long way in 15 years so the 2024 set will be quite different and more detailed with modern building techniques. The set will contain four medieval houses in the form of facades allowing plenty of playability. You can either display two closed houses or play with four open houses at the back.

Each house seems to include different shops and workplaces for the Minifigures of the medieval town. There's an old farmhouse, a cheese factory, an inn named The Broken Axes Inn and a shieldsmith's workshop. The houses are all very cleverly built with a small watch tower also integrated into one of the buildings.

The four houses and watch tower are then framed by four trees which are each built differently and give a mystic, medieval kind of vibe. And continuing with this magical, mystic vibe there's reportedly a total of ten Minifigures which seem to all take an exclusive form. These include the likes of a city guard, a court jester, a crook, a carpenter, a tax collector, the sheildsmith tower guard and many townspeople which take different forms.

Along with a lot of Minifigures, a lot of animals are also included in the set. These include two sheep, a cow with a cart, a horse, a cat, various birds and squirrels. And the most exciting of all is a goat which reuses that iconic goat piece that recently returned in the latest LEGO Minifigure series of 71045 Series 25. This altogether makes up a 3,304-piece set that will retail for $229.99 once it releases in less than a month on 3rd March 2024.

10332 Medieval Town Square

Set Name - Medieval Town Square

Set Number - 10332

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 3,304

Price - $229.99

Release Date - 3rd March 2024


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