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LEGO Icons 10327 Dune Ornithopter Rumoured For November 2023

The LEGO Icons theme has been one of the best themes in recent years and a brand new rumour goes above and beyond for the theme. This is because are reporting that a brand new 18+ LEGO Icons set based on the 2021 film Dune. The second instalment of Dune is set to happen on 2nd November 2023 and LEGO seem to be releasing a set to coincide with this release and hype for the film.

In particular, the Dune LEGO set will come under the set number 10327 which is entitled Dune Ornithopter. An ornithopter is a type of helicopter with dragonfly-like wings featured in the movie Dune. Depending on its size, an ornithopter has one to four pairs of wings that move the machine through the air by vibrating or beating quickly. It'll be interesting to see how this mechanism is represented in brick-built LEGO form.

However, specific details about the build of the Ornithopter are currently unknown but the licensed set will retail for $164.99 with 1,369 pieces. This is a high price even for a licensed set but 10327 will include four to five exclusive Minifigures. We expect these to be the main characters like Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Chani, Duke Leto Atreides and the villain Baron Wladimir Harkonnen.

This may seem like a crazy, out-of-this-world rumour but it is coming from a very reliable The German website fully believes in this rumour and so do we especially with the popularity of the first Dune film and the release of the second this November when 10327 will release. But we expect an official reveal just a week of two before this release date at the end of October when LEGO show off the first-ever LEGO Dune set.

Set Information

Set Name - Dune Ornithopter

Set Number - 10327

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,369

Price - $164.99

Release Date - 1st November 2023

Featured image + rumoured information:


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