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LEGO Icons 10326 2024 Modular Building Rumoured For January 2024

As has become a tradition for the past 15 years, another LEGO Modular Building will be coming in 2024 as part of the 18+ LEGO Icons theme. The set will have the set number 10326 but no set name, price or piece count has been rumoured yet. This year's modular was 10312 Jazz Club which added our first-ever Jazz Club and Pizzeria to the lineup of brick-built 18+ buildings.

A similar case will most likely happen next year with either a brand new idea for a building or a remade building with more modern architecture and better Minifigures. The 17th ever LEGO Modular Building will be available from 1st January 2024 with a reveal most likely around the start of December or end of November. A promotional set of 40681 will also be available around 1st January 2024 for the Modular Buildings release.

Set Information

Set Name - *LEGO Icons 2024 Modular Building*

Set Number - 10326

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - TBC

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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