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LEGO Icons 10325 Winter Lodge Rumoured For October 2023 | Winter Village 2023 Set

We may only be halfway through summer but we but we already have our first information about the biggest LEGO Christmas set of the year of the yearly 18+ Winter Village. The LEGO Icons set comes under the set number 10325 which will be, according to Brick Clicker, entitled Winter Lodge.

10325 Winter Lodge will retail for the same price as last year's Winter Village set of 10308 Holiday Main Street at $99.99. When 10308 released on 1st October 2022 it was the biggest LEGO Winter Village set of all time but 10325 will beat this with a total of 1,517 pieces. These pieces are used to create a festive two-storey winter lodge building covered with snow and ice.

The first floor will most likely be a living room and a kitchen with a suitable fireplace and chimney included to keep warm during the harsh winter. Meanwhile, upstairs is likely to be a bedroom or something similar due to it being slightly smaller. A snowmobile and a small winter scene are also included along with the main build of the lodge. And for $100, a total of four festive Minifigures are included with 10325 Winter Lodge.

Set Information

Set Name - Winter Lodge

Set Number - 10325

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,517

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st October 2023


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