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LEGO Icons 10318 Concorde Plane Rumoured For September 2023

It was only yesterday that we first covered the rumoured set of 10318 but thanks to Brick Clicker on Instagram we have more information about the LEGO Icons set. In particular, we now know that 10318 will be a giant brick-built version of the Concorde aeroplane.

Within its 2,083 pieces, they'll be a black stand along with a small information plaque like with most 18+ display models. The set will be available within just a few months from 4th September 2023 for $199.99 and is likely to be on of the most detailed sets of the year.

Set Information

Set Name - Concorde Plane

Set Number - 10318

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,083

Price - $199.99

Release Date - 4th September 2023


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