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LEGO Icons 10312 Pizzeria & Jazz Club Rumoured For January 2023 | New Modular Building

As has become a tradition for the past few years, another LEGO Modular Building will be coming in 2023 as part of the LEGO Icons theme. As previously rumoured, the set will have the set number 10312 and will include a Pizzeria and a Jazz Club thanks to Brick Clicker on Youtube. For the 16th ever LEGO Modular Building, these are new ideas which have never been seen in Modular form so it'll be interesting to see how they're implemented.

For now, we know that the Pizzeria will most likely take up most of the build with it being based on the bottom floor. The usual things like tables and chairs, a pizza oven, many pizzas and a counter will be included along with other Italian decorations. This should nicely match the main colour scheme which will be dark red with either white or grey pieces to complement it.

On the second floor will be the Jazz Club as LEGO expands its recent music-themed sets into Minifigure form. A stage for a band will most likely be included along with the possibility of a bar, a toilet and a dance floor. A large brick-built sign displaying 'Jazz Club' will also be connected to the building somehow.

Brick Clicker also reports that there will most likely be a third floor included too. This will either be a living quarters for those working in the Pizzeria or a further expansion to the Jazz Club. With three floors and a fairly large piece count of 2899, a good selection of Minifigures should also be included.

10312 will also be a normal Modular building rather than last year's corner building, making it relatively easy to connect to previous years' sets. The Pizzeria & Jazz Club will retail for $299.99 from the usual release date of 1st January 2023. A promo will also release a few weeks later of 40586 which we'll have more information about in a separate post.

Set Information

Set Name - Pizzeria & Jazz Club

Set Number - 10312

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2899

Price - $229.99

Release Date - 1st January 2023

Featured Image: JeongSeungbok's LEGO Pizzeria Modular on LEGO Ideas


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