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LEGO Harry Potter 76419 D2C Rumoured For Autumn 2023 | 18+ Gringotts?

Ever since 2018 the LEGO Harry Potter theme has been growing more and more and 2023 will be no different for the licensed theme. This is because a brand new D2C for theme will be coming next year of 76419. Similar to previous years, they'll only be one LEGO Harry Potter 18+ set for the year but this will release after the Summer wave and around September/October 2023.

Currently, there is no name rumoured for 76419 but we do know it will retail for $159.99 with a total of 2,660 making it a nicely valued set. That price has also made many people belive it will finally by a D2C version of the wizarding bank Gringotts. $159.99 is similar to many previous LEGO Modular Buildings and if Gringotts is to appear in LEGO form it will most likely replicate a corner LEGO Modular Building.

Set Information

Set Name - *LEGO Harry Potter D2C*

Set Number - 76419

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,660

Price - $159.99

Release Date - Autumn 2023


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