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LEGO Harry Potter 30392 Hermione's Study Desk Polybag Officially Revealed

The latest LEGO Harry Potter set has been revealed with it being a brand new polybag. 30392 Hermione's Study Desk will be available from 1st August for the usual polybag price of $3.99. Theres no official conformation yet but expect the polybag to be an exclusive gift with purchase at the LEGO store.

The polybag comes with 31 pieces and 1 Minifigure of Hermione in her classic Hogwarts uniform but with short legs. The main build is a small desk which is a common desk build that has most likely been seen before in other LEGO Harry Potter sets. On the desk is a piece of parchment and some ink.

Also included in this polybag is a dark tan owl that has only appeared in one Harry Potter set before, a small build for the owl to sit on, one of 16 different chocolate frog cards to collect this summer and two envelopes. Theres also a study book that has a new print inside.

Set Information

Set Name - Hermione's Study Desk

Set Number - 30392

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 31

Price - $3.99

Release Date - 1st August 2021


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