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LEGO Disney Maleficent & the Dragon Rumoured For 2023 | Disney 100

LEGOs celebrations for 100 years of Disney are set to continue even further with a brand new Disney Classic Sleeping Beauty set. This comes after JeanGreyForever took part in a survey where they were asked questions about how much they would pay for upcoming LEGO sets and existing LEGO sets. A LEGO 18+ Maleficent & the Dragon set was included in this list indicating that there's the possibility the set will be coming either this year or next year.

This new LEGO Disney set is quite different compared to previous ones for the theme as this is aimed at the adult market so will include 18+ branding. It'll also be our first ever LEGO Disney diorama with a black border and a title with a printed quote surrounding the iconic scene from Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip takes on the evil fairy Maleficent.

Both of these Minifigures are included with both being exclusive as Maleficent has a different design compared to her one from the Minifigures series. Princess Aurora is not included as she's in the Minifigures series coming in May. And she's not that necessary in this scene anyway as the mighty brick-built dragon takes up most of the diorama.

The dragon is very detailed with some moving parts and fabric wings. A greenish flame shoots out of the dragon's mouth attacking Phillip. But luckily Prince Phillip also includes his white horse to help defeat the evil fairy. There's plenty of space and scenery in the diorama and even more, space can be made as the dragon can be easily lifted up and made into its own separate display model.

Set Information

Set Name - Maleficent & the Dragon

Set Number - TBC

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,250

Price - around $99.99

Release Date - 2023


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