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LEGO Disney 43212 Disney Birthday Train Rumoured For April 2023 | Disney 100

A brand new LEGO Disney Train will be coming in 2023 following on from 71044 Disney Train and Station from a few years ago. However, sadly this set will not be a direct sequel to 71044 as it'll be a $40 4+ Disney Train aimed at the much younger LEGO audience. This is most likely due to 71044 still being a fairly recent, even if it is retired, set. Yet LEGO wants to release a brand new train to celebrate Disney's 100th Anniversary.

This 4+ LEGO Disney Train has the set number 43212 and the official set name Disney Birthday Train indicating it is directly celebrating Disney's 100th Anniversary. And because of this, thanks to we now know it'll include a total of six Minifigures. These are Moana, Woody, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Mickey and Minnie.

The birthday train will likely be the only build included but a small side build of a station may also be included for the $40 set. Luckily it won't be too long until we get to see the 4+ set and its fantastic range of Minifigures as it releases on 1st April 2023

Set Information

Set Name - Disney Birthday Train

Set Number - 43212

Ages - 4+

Piece Count - 200

Price - $39.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023

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17 ene 2023

Unfortunately 71044 has long retired otherwise I would buy it immediately.

Me gusta
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