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LEGO Disney 100 43217 Carl's House From UP Rumoured For April 2023

New rumours have emerged about one of the biggest celebrations in 2023 as Disney turns 100 years old. LEGO are unsurprisingly joining in with these celebrations including our first ever set based on the film UP. This will be one of the most iconic houses in the film industry of Carls' House and it'll retail for $54.99.

Not much more information is known about the set apart from the rumoured piece count of 598 pieces. This feels a little low to cover a whole house so its likely that 43217 isn't all of Carls' House but should include the main parts. These include the front door and windows, the porch, the ballons and the sitting room with the iconic chairs that Carl and his Wife Ellie used to sit on.

It is heavily believed that the House will be Minifigure scale so it'll likely include Carl, Russel, Dug and a brick built Kevin. However, the price and piece count could also potentially indicate a microscale set even though many belive this is an unlikely possibility. Either way we'll find out in a few months when the set releases on 1st April 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Carl's House From UP

Set Number - 43217

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 598

Price - $54.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023


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