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LEGO Despicable Me 4 75583 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion Officially Revealed | May 2024

The LEGO Despicable Me 4 theme is finally here as the Danish toy company officially presented four new sets for the brand-new licensed theme. Amongst these brand-new child-friendly LEGO models is 75583 which is a brick-built recreation of Gru's House. The villain-turned-good guy's house will include a total of 868 pieces retailing for $99.99 making it the most expansive Minions-based LEGO set yet once it releases on the 1st of May 2024.

Gru's House is an iconic location in the Despicable Me 4 world with the building showcasing Gru's dark and evilness. Compared to all the other houses in the neighbourhood which are painted white, Gru's is a mix of black and dark grey with a dead garden out front. He even spreads some of his evilness to his neighbours by making his dog Kyle wee on the green bushes.

75583 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion continues with this dark colour scheme with the exterior of the house being a mix of black, grey and purple. The interior and all its iconic features are a lot more colourful, however, even if they're not in the exact places they should be. Theres the inner workings of Gru's lab, a toilet, a red sofa, a small section of the girls' room and Gru's own share with the scary axes located behind the red furniture.

Sadly, for $99.99, the whole model isn't dedicated to Gru's House as it also includes a brick-built brightly coloured treehouse. This includes a zip line which continues the two main sections of this side build: the dining area and the party build. LEGO have obviously included this section for a reason hinting at its inclusion in the upcoming fourth instalment of the Despicable Me franchise.

And the set can't be complete without a few Minifigures. For a $100 price tag, a total of nine characters/Minifigures are included. These are the Minions of Tim, Mel and Jerry along with the Gru family themselves of Gru, Lucy, Gru Junior, Margo, Edith and Agnes. All of these are exclusive to 75583 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion once it releases on the 1st of May 2024.

75583 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion

Set Name - Minions and Gru's Family Mansion

Set Number - 75583

Age Range - 8+

Piece Count - 868

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st May 2024

75583 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion releases on the 1st of May 2024 as the biggest model of the wave but what do you think? Is this the best set of the upcoming Despicable Me 4 wave? And are you excited to get your hands on these popular characters in LEGO Minifigure form? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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