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LEGO DC 76252 Batcave - Shadow Box Officially Revealed | June 2023

The biggest LEGO DC set of the year is finally here as LEGO has officially revealed LEGO DCs next 18+ D2C of 76252 Batcave - Shadow Box. After a disappointing few years for the LEGO DC theme, the toy company are finally giving it some love with this new brick-built bat cave. The Batcave will be based on 1992's Batman Returns retailing for $399.99 which is $50 less than the rumoured price but still with 3,981 pieces.

Rather than previous builds, 76252 is a whole brick-built Batave shaped in a black box The back and sides are all fully covered by a giant bat symbol is at the front giving us a glimpse at the set's cool features and details. There's also the ability to open the shadow box into two with the usual hinge connections allowing further play inside the LEGO Batcave.

Inside the Batcave, they'll be many different areas and functions including a place to store the different bat suits that are included in the $400 set. A batmobile is also included in the front and centre of the cave once you open it up. Beside it are different functions and gadgets including moving furniture, changing images on the big screen, a vault and a door. There are several light bricks included boosting the price up further.

But the fun doesn't stop there as the set includes a wide range of Minifigures totalling to seven. These include the previous leaked 1992 versions of the Penguin and Batman himself along with another version of Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Alfred and Max Shreck. This makes for a great set that may finally give the LEGO DC fans what they deserve but as long as you like building in black and very very dark grey.

Set Information

Set Name - Batcave - Shadow Box

Set Number - 76252

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 3,981

Price - $399.99

Release Date - 8th June 2023


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