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LEGO Creator Expert 10290 Pickup Truck Officially Revealed

Another LEGO Creator Expert set has been revealed and this one is probably the most surprising of all. 10290 has been revealed to be a brick-built Pickup Truck rather than a rumoured DeLorean. Rumours are only rumours but for 10290 to be a Pickup truck is very random yet a welcomed 18+ set.

The LEGO Pickup truck aims to recreate a classic 1950 vehicle. Its rounded lines and boxy shape is a classic giveaway to a historic vehicle. Seeing a big brick-built vehicle that's red makes a nice change and works really well with the neat Green Farm sticker. The inside of the truck is very spacious just like the outside which can fit a wide range of farming accessories.

These accessories include a lovely mint green wheelbarrow that comes with 3 pots of different coloured flowers, a watering can, two wooden crates filled with tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables, and a milk bucket. There's also another larger wooden crate filled with pumpkins and there's a nice sign print with flowers on saying 'today's pick'. And finally, if you want to make your build more wintery, you can add a wreath to the Pickup Truck.

Set Information

Set Name - Seinfeld

Set Number - 10290

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1677

Price - $129.99

Release Date - 1st October 2021


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