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LEGO City 60433 Modular Space Station Leaked Online For January 2024

As reveal season edges ever closer we're now seeing our first leaks online of LEGO sets releasing on 1st January 2024. These include 60433 Modular Space Station which was leaked thanks to a Chinese LEGO page and found by Brick Clicker on YouTube. 60433, along with over 20 more LEGO City sets, will release on 1st January 2024 with 1,097 pieces and a fairly sensible retail price of $99.99.

As the name suggests, 60433 is a brand new LEGO City Space Station this time built around a modular system. The set is an extremely interesting and different concept for the LEGO City line with a central giant ring being the place where separate parts of the space station can be connected.

Each part of the space station is basically a brick-built pod coloured white and orange to match the usual LEGO City Space theme. The exact interiors of each pod are unknown but we expect an area for growing vegetation, a satellite and a sleeping quarter. For $99.99, we expect this to be the main and only build of 60433 but at least five space-themed Minifigures should be included.

60433 Modular Space Station

Set Name - Modular Space Station

Set Number - 60433

Age Range - 8+

Piece Count - 1,097

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024

1 Comment

Nov 15, 2023

Sounds kind of weak. And it looks so small inside that a minifigure could barely fit. Another set Lego wasted their time on.

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