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LEGO Chinese New Year 2023 40575 Year of the Rabbit GWP Rumoured For Winter 2023

It's already been rumoured that at least two LEGO Chinese New Year sets will be coming for 2023 and so will a brand new GWP to celebrate the year of the rabbit. In particular, it'll be 40575 Year of the Rabbit which, thanks to, we already have pictures of. Even though the set is meant to be in stores until December/January, found the set abroad and was even able to purchase it regularly.

This also means that we have official pictures of 40575 thanks to . The Chinese New Year set is very similar to its predecessors with it being a cute brick-built black and white rabbit. Its belly is a lovely shade of brown which fits in nicely with its small green environment build. The rabbit is also believed to be able to twist his head and move his paws/legs.

Even with all these pictures and information, there is still no confirmed release date for the new Chinese New Years' set. However, it is believed that 40575 will be available from LEGO stores and online from either the last week of December 2022 or the first week of January 2023. This will most likely depend on what region your in.

Set Information

Set Name - Year of the Rabbit

Set Number - 40575

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 193

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - December 2022/January 2023


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