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LEGO Animal Crossing 30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden Polybag Leaked Online For March 2024

The first wave of LEGO Animal Crossing has already been officially revealed ahead of its March release but one set remains. This is the first LEGO Animal Crossing Polybag which will come under the set number 30662 with the set name Maple's Pumpkin Garden. From the leaked images so far, it also looks to be the first polybag to be in a paper sachet as LEGO continue to work hard to become more environmentally friendly.

As the name suggests we are getting a brand new exclusive Minifigure for the LEGO Animal Crossing theme of Maple. Maple is a bear cub villager so, like all Animal Crossing Minifigures so far, she includes an exclusive printed and moulded head. She then includes a small farm built across two green plates which are very common in this new licensed LEGO theme.

On one plate is the small pumpkin garden with a singular grown pumpkin and the classic LEGO white gate. The other plate meanwhile has a leader leading to a raised bit of land where a cartoon-like tree and flower sit. Only 29 pieces are included so the farm is unsurprisingly not very big but the main draw of the set is that exclusive Maple Minifigure who also comes with a green watering can as an accessory.

30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden

Set Name - Maple's Pumpkin Garden

Set Number - 30662

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 29

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st March 2024


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