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LEGO 40596 Magic Maze GWP Rumoured For 1st October 2023

Only a couple more D2Cs remain for LEGO in 2023 but the Gift With Purchases are nowhere near done for the remaining three months. This is especially the case for October which is rumoured to include three brand new GWPs. One of these is 40596 Magic Maze which is a brand new idea and style of a GWP where a brick-built maze game is the free promotional item.

The aim is to get the ball from the start of the maze all the way to the end by moving the maze around with your own hands. The ball moves through many different coloured and themed levels from a nature-themed green level to a sticky honey-themed level which includes the beehive pieces.

The more inner workings and objectives of the brick-built 223 pieces game are unknown but we're sure to find out soon as the GWP is available starting from 1st October 2023. How long it will be available for and for what price are still unknown but once again this will soon be known with the release just over a week away.

40596 Magic Maze

Set Name - Magic Maze

Set Number - 40596

Age Range - 12+

Piece Count - 332

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - 1st October 2023


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