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LEGO 40567 Forestmen's Hideout GWP Rumoured For June 2022 | 90th Anniversary of LEGO Promo

After the recent rumours of two flagship LEGO 90th Anniversary sets, another set has been rumoured to join in with the celebrations. This will be another remake of a classic set but this time as a Gift With Purchase. 40567 Forestmen's Hideout GWP will take inspiration from the 1988 version 6054 Forestman's Hideout but with a modern 2022 look.

The new LEGO 40567 Forestmen's Hideout GWP will be a 1:1 remake of the original even though many details have still been improved. One of these improvements include changes to the trees by making them more realistic using the dinosaur tail piece in black. Leaf elements are then attached to this to make curved branches

For the treehouse, four blue 1x8 tiles are used for the roof along with grey brickwork. The target still remains along with other accessories around the main tree build. Two Minifigures in this version are included of two rangers both wearing green trousers and a green top with red arms and other bits of red printing. The difference between these two Minifigures are there heads with one having side burns and a hat and the other having long brown hair.

As reported, the set will be available as soon as next month from the 15th June 2022. This means that none of the bigger flagship 90th Anniversary sets will be available at the time as they'll be released in August. You'll also have to spend $160 of any LEGO to receive the free Gift With Purchase.

Set Information

Set Name - Forestmen's Hideout GWP

Set Number - 40567

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - GWP over $160

Release Date - 15th June 2022


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