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Introducing Stud Universe: The Latest LEGO Rental Service Disrupting The Market

LEGO enthusiasts unanimously agree: LEGO sets can be very pricey. The Danish toy company has continued to increase prices over the last few years, while the pressures of society and monetary issues have grown at an exponential rate. So, how can avid builders continue to indulge in their passion without breaking the bank?

Well, the answer to that is the latest LEGO rental service known as Stud Universe. Run by an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO), Stud Universe is a cost-effective option for building with plastic bricks as you pay a much smaller price to borrow and rent an official LEGO set for as long as your needs require.

The UK-based LEGO rental subscription service covers plenty of sets from a range of themes such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Technic and loads more. The online service even includes sets from this year such as the LEGO Despicable Me 4 model of 75583 Minions and Gru's Family House. This can be rented for just £20 a month compared to the original retail price of £89.99.

Once you've built your bargain of a model, you can do whatever you like! Whether you're a play expert or prefer displaying brick-built models on your shelves, Stud Universe allows you to fully enjoy a range of LEGO sets for a monthly rental price. You pay for the amount of months you want the set for and cancelling your subscription is quick and simple.

Moreover, free postage is available with orders over £20 encompassing popular sets like 10302 Optimus Prime, 75257 Millennium Falcon, 21348 Dungeons & Dragons and many more. 30 days of play are guaranteed and once you've finished being a master builder, you can return your LEGO using free packaging included in your original order. A QR code returns label can also be accessed from the Stud Universe website to further assist in the return of your cost-effective LEGO fun.

Stud Universe in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Choose your sets: Select from over 100 officially licensed LEGO sets available in Stud Universe's catalogue. Each set's rental price and details are clearly listed on the product page.

  2. Stud Universe posts them to you: Expect your chosen sets to arrive within 2 working days. You'll receive an email confirmation with tracking details and instructions for returns.

  3. Build, play and return: Enjoy building and playing with your set at your pace. When you're done, simply return it using the provided free returns label.

The Main Features of Stud Universe

I know what you're thinking - surely this is all too good to be true?! Well, you're wrong as here at Bricks Up we've been able to try out Stud Universe's rental service and have been super impressed by the unique features they offer. Along with allowing your kids to build LEGO without breaking the bank, Stud Universe also:

  1. No membership required: Stud Universe's sets are their own subscription. Compared to most other services, each subscription is tied to an order with Stud Universe rather than paying for time you can't even build anything. Once you're finished with a set, return it and your active subscription is cancelled allowing you to take a break before building even more of the latest LEGO sets!

  2. Over 100 sets to choose from: You can explore Stud Universe's range of LEGO sets yourself but the online service will also tell you up front what sets they do and don't have in stock. There is no secrecy with them and they won’t ask you to pay for a month’s membership before telling you what is in stock.

  3. No tier system: Stud Universe have no tier system for their wide range of LEGO sets. Every set is available from day one so if you want it then all you have to do is rent it. Furthermore, there is no probation period for renters to prove their trustworthiness showcasing the kindness of the LEGO subscription service.

  4. 30 Days of Play guarantee: Stud Universe don't believe it's fair if you lose some of your subscription time due to the courier taking a couple of days to deliver your sets. Therefore, your 30 days of play only starts on the day you receive it, meaning you are guaranteed to get the maximum building time!

  5. Categorised and tagged sets: Stud Universe have added plenty of tags to each LEGO set beyond the usual themed categories allowing builders to choose their set based on solo building, beginners or those with only a few hours to space a week. If you’re going on holiday or a train, Stud Universe have also tagged relevant sets as “Travel Sets”. These are ones that are small enough that they can be built straight out of our box and suitable for all the family on your warm getaway.

  6. Printed and digital instructions: If a set has printed instructions, Stud Universe have included them in your rented model but you can also just as easily access PDF versions of the instructions online. There's also a handful of sets that interact with the LEGO Builder app allowing instructions and the build of the set to be split amongst friends and family.

Renting LEGO is the new thing in the world of bricks and Stud Universe are riding high with this most recent affordable trend and it's time for you to join them. All the important links are provided below but we would suggest having a nosy around their website, suggesting new sets for them to order in and, most importantly, renting some LEGO at an incredible price!

Browse the set range:

So that's everything you need to know about the latest LEGO rental service called Stud Universe but what do you think? Will you be renting LEGO from the UK’s best-value LEGO lending service? What sets are you looking forward to borrowing most? Any new sets that should be added to the service? Any other suggestions for improvements? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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