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Everything You Need to Know About LEGO Icons 10333 The Lord Of The Rings: Barad-Dûr | June 2024

Over a year ago LEGO Lord Of The Rings returned with 10316 The Lord Of The Rings: Rivendell being one of the main highlights for LEGO in 2023. Even though it wasn't the start of the return of a fully-fledged theme, many fans were absolutely thrilled that the middle-earth theme was making a comeback in LEGO. But the fun doesn't stop there for LEGO Lord Of The Rings fans as 2024 is set to bring even more brand-new LEGO models...

Those of you keen LEGO fans will know that since February 2023 we have been expecting another LEGO Lord Of The Rings set licensed under the 18+ LEGO Icons brand. A survey leaked a brand new LOTR model, along with plenty more new sets, scheduled for a 2024 release if the success rate was high. Clearly, the set went down well and we can now expect a brand new LEGO Lord Of The Rings set from the 1st of June 2024.

In particular, 2024's LEGO 18+ Lord Of The Rings set will be 10333 The Lord Of The Rings: Barad-Dûr. The Summer 2024 model will include a total of 5,471 pieces retailing for a high, but also reasonable price of $459.99. Another expensive set for LEGO Lord Of The Rings fans but another highly detailed and Minifigure full model - perfect for play and display.

Recent Reports claim we'll be seeing official images of 10333 within just the next few days as LEGO set to go all out for one of the most hyped sets of the year. Already the Danish toy company have teased the set on social media platforms showcasing the eye of Sauron glowing away at the top of the tower. Some rumours even claim that this may be hinting at the possible inclusion of a light brick in the $460 18+ model...

The actual build of Barad-Dur, Sauron's fortress in Mordor, is expected to be around 83 cm high, 44cm wide and 36cm deep with the Eye of Sauron taking up most of the set and being visible at the top of the build. This does mean the main build on the outside is microscale. However, a detailed and Easter egg-packed Minifigures interior will also be included with dungeons and armouries for Sauron's army of Orcs along with a throne and a treasure room.

Just like 2023s 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell and as mentioned earlier, 10333 is Minifigure scale inside and will be absolutely packed full of new and exclusive characters along with a couple of returning faces. Reports suggest that a total of 10 Minifigures will be included of Sauron in full armour, the Mouth of Sauron, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Froddo and Nazgul along with two brown Orcs and two Green Orcs.

10333 The Lord Of The Rings: Barad-Dûr

Set Name - The Lord of the Rings: Barad-Dur

Set Number - 10333

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 5,471

Price - $459.99

Release Date - 1st June 2024

10333 The Lord Of The Rings: Barad-Dûr releases on the 1st of June 2024 but what do you think? Will you be purchasing 10333 in just a couple of weeks time? Will this be THE set of 2024? What other LEGO Lord Of The Rings are you hoping for in 2025 and beyond? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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