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Every LEGO Star Wars Set Rumoured For 2024 | Super Battle Pack, Pod Race, Midi Scale, R2-D2 + More

2024 is a big year for LEGO and Star Wars as not only is it 25 years since the release of Episode 1 but its 25 years of the LEGO Star Wars theme. With these two celebrations, LEGO will be releasing a wide range of sets covering both the prequels and the sequels. Currently, we know of 17 sets releasing for the theme between January and May 2024 with one of these being a polybag and another being a brand new UCS model.

But to kick off the year 2024 we'll be getting a brand new super battle pack of 75372 Clones vs Droids Battle Pack. The $30 set will include Clone Troopers and Battle Droids along with Super Battle Droids for the first time since 2015. This will make it highly desirable just like 75374 which is a model of a brand new ship from the upcoming Skeleton Crew show. For 1,325 pieces and $129.99, this is likely to be one of the bigger ships of the year.

Another big ship will be 75384 Crimson Firehawk which is a brand new 4+ set from the Disney+ series Young Jedi Adventures. This ship will be of a fair size due to the nature of the 4+ pieces which are usually bigger than normal explaining the $50 price tag. There's also one more set retailing for $50 releasing next year which is 75387 Tantive IV Boarding Diorama releasing on 1st March 2024.

More March 2024 sets include 75375 Millennium Falcon and 75376 Tantive IV which are midi-scale based sets just like May 2023's 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor. These sets seem to be replacing the 18+ Helemts which we usually see in March 2024 but likely the 18+ Diorama sets are staying as at least one more releases on 1st May 2024. This is 75380 Mos Espa Podrace Diorama which will become the first prequel-based LEGO diorama.

Also coming in May 2024 are two brick-built characters from the ever-expansive Star Wars universe. These are 75379 R2-D2 for $100 and 75381 Droideka for $59.99. Even though they may sound more like display models, apparently both sets are tailored more to children and allow for plenty of ways to play with the brick-built LEGO models.

Finally, we have another Mando season 3 set of 75378 Grogu's Escape and this years May the Fourth set both releasing on 1st May 2023. This years May the Fourth set is 75382 UCS TIE Interceptor which will retail for $239.99. The UCS 18+ set will revisit an older UCS set of 2000s 7181 TIE Interceptor but be recreated in a much bigger and modern form for the most important day of the year for many Star Wars fans.

30680 *LEGO Star Wars Polybag* - 75 pieces - 2024 (Rumoured)

75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack ($29.99) - 215 pieces - 1st January 2023 (Rumoured)

75373 *LEGO Star Wars* - 2024 (Rumoured)

75374 Skeleton Crew Ship ($129.99) - 1,325 pieces - 1st January 2024 (Rumoured)

75375 Millennium Falcon ($79.99) - 921 pieces - 1st March 2024 (Rumoured)

75376 Tantive IV ($69.99) - 654 pieces - 1st March 2024 (Rumoured)

75377 *LEGO Star Wars* - 2024 (Rumoured)

75378 Grogu's Escape ($29.99) - 1st May 2024 (Rumoured)

75379 R2-D2 ($99.99) - 1,050 pieces - 1st March 2024 (Rumoured)

75380 Mos Espa Pod Race Diorama ($69.99) - 718 pieces - 1st May 2024 (Rumoured)

75381 Driodeka ($59.99) - 1st May 2024 (Rumoured)

75382 UCS TIE Interceptor ($239.99) - 1st May 2024 (Rumoured)

75383 *LEGO Star Wars* - 2024 (Rumoured)

75384 The Crimson Firehawk ($49.99) - 136 pieces - 1st January 2024 (Rumoured)

75385 *LEGO Star Wars* - 2024 (Rumoured)

75386 *LEGO Star Wars* - 2024 (Rumoured)

75387 Tantive IV Boarding Diorama ($49.99) - 502 pieces - 1st March 2024 (Rumoured)

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